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SFO Marriott May 12, 2008

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So I’m at the SFO Marriott this week.  They have done a nice job with their renovation.  The lobby “AKA Living Room” is full laptops – everywhere you look, there are people logging on and doing work.  It’s a beautiful area to do that – with the view of the bay.  The restaurant is finally completed.  it was nice – seemed a little disjointed with separate areas and the service was a bit slow.  Had a caesar salad which was yummy though.

I’m not staying at the hotel this time, so I haven’t had a chance to see the sleeping rooms.  I know that they recently renovated those.  I had a client stay here in January and they were pleased with them.

One thing to make sure you do if you park your car – bring your parking ticket with you.  They have a new automatic system that you have to insert your ticket and prepay prior to leaving the parking lot.  Could be very annoying if you don’t realize it and you drive to the gate – and OH NO….no one is there and you have a bunch of cars behind you.

They do have a Starbucks here – so you coffee lovers will get your fix.


Hello world! April 24, 2008

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Today is the first day of ROAR tidbits.  My hope for this blog is to share information about hotels, event venues – maybe give a little inspiration along the way or tell you about a hidden spot.

Right now, I’m sitting in my hotel room at the W San Francisco.  What a great hotel!  They’ve recently renovated the rooms and the meeting space.  The rooms are awesome!  So bright and cheery.  Gone are the days of the dark hallways.  I love the desks in the rooms.  There are ton of plugs which I love.  I don’t have to rearrange the furniture in order to plug in my laptop, cell phone and ipod.  All the sleeping rooms have flat screen TV’s as well.

I did manage to work out 1 day on this trip and the fitness center is great.  Just need your room key to get in.  Great equipment.

The bar starts hopping at about 6pm every night.  I’ve been here all week and there is definitely energy flowing.  I did order room service one night and they were quick – 20 minutes.  Not bad.